Data Labs

GSS Data Labs located in Chennai, India. GSS dedicated in providing Data and E-Publishing services. Innovation is the core of our service culture. The team has highly enthusiastic members aiming to deliver services and solutions to the clients with focus on long-term relationship and providing value-added services. Our service model is based on quality service and long term relationship. We run towards our client’s fulfillment in offering high quality Data and E-Publishing services, facilitated with well trained staffs. We deal with enhanced attribute of data in customer desired format meeting there slated time limits. Serving an ever-growing national and international clientele, GSS Data Labs utilizes proven methodologies, contemporary skills and advanced software to convert large quantities of paper information into customized digital data to help our clients realize tangible benefits and increased profits by optimizing their business processes.

GSS Data Labs provides total solution to diversified needs of our customers. as your partner, we will provide insights, answer and recommendation as well as the development and integration of solution. We are flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers, be in Technologies or in application domain area, our capabilities have been well appreciated by our clients which endorses our adaptability to the cross culture across the world and diversified requirements.


GSS Data Labs employs the best talent in the industry. With the objective to provide innovative services, we have the right mix of experienced resources as well as fresh minds that bring fresh approach to the table. Giving attention to the various sectors of the industry that we cater to, GSS Data Labs employs highly skilled Personnel. At GSS Data Labs Solution, we believe that our resources are the building blocks of our organization and they represent the face of our organization. That is primarily the reason we stress upon employing the best minds. Every interaction that the customers have with our skilled resources they can unique different proficiency that we bring on-board. All our resources and team members are committed to the overall escalation and elaboration and strive towards achieving this goal.

Quality Assurance

We strongly believe that Quality does not emerge in one stage process; our following quality assurance mechanisms in all our deliverables.

We have developed our own Quality checklist which measure every solution provided by leads up to the extreme possibility international standards.

  • Rule based processing.
  • Field Validation.
  • Our Quality is associated with all line.
  • Our scope is not restricted only to fault detection and correction.
  • We are oriented towards both prevention and excellence
  • We involve taking care in Training and Servicing.
  • We define and follow appropriate procedures, techniques, documents and tools.


Our infrastructure combines state-of-the-art facilities with watertight to ensure business continuity for our customers. GSS has in heavily to ensure an excellent, world-class BPO facility which caters to the needs of our esteemed clientele.

  • A well developed work-friendly set up to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Ergonomically designed, spacious workstations, which are decentralized.
  • Local from the service provider to the respective server dedicated for this BPO at the location. .

Our technological capabilities

  • Team of 20 members with high experience and qualification.
  • Bandwidth Managers in redundant configuration.
  • High Data Security with Firewall.
  • Servers from Compaq in redundant configuration. Software’s from Microsoft.
  • Server for regular backup.
  • 100% power back up with UPS provided for Server/Desktops, back-up Generators.
  • Data Leased Line with 4 mbps speed for Internet Connectivity.
  • Highly reliable systems architecture to deploy productive systems.

Data Entry

Form Filling

GSS has undergone the Form Processing towards Insurance, banking, medical forms and any other forms which are replicated electronically.


Image data entry is conversion of your scanned images to a format of your choice--an excel spreadsheet, text file, word file or a database of your choice. Image data entry services range from: image capturing, image keying, and image storage and retrieval.

Prepress & ePublishing Services include

Composition and Typesetting

GSS DATA LABS manage all your text and images in a proper structure with page composition and typesetting services. Our team has the relevant experience and the capability of meeting quality standards, important deadlines for journals, books, magazines, and newspapers. Our suite of typesetting and page composition services involves conversion of raw, unformatted, handwritten manuscripts into consistent, structured, and ready to publish formats.

  • Template Creation
  • Sample Designing
  • Page Composition
  • Journal Typesetting
  • Book Typesetting
  • Multilingual Typesetting

GSS DATA LABS LABS specialised in a variety of composition formats including:

  • Quark
  • InDesign
  • FrameMaker
  • TeX / LaTeX
  • 3b2

Editorial Services

GSS DATA LABS has large team of editors who are well versed with copyediting and technical editing. We prepare a style sheet for every project we handle and will get approval from Client before implementation. We have experience in handling a variety of contents in different domains viz., academic & scientific, commerce, marketing & management, finance & trade, social science, mathematics, Engineering and medical.

  • Copyediting and indexing
  • Proofreading
  • Language services

Project Management

GSS DATA LABS provides complete project management services such as.

  • Liaison with publishers, authors and editors
  • Control of copy editing services
  • Control of Typesetting services

XML and HTML Services

GSS DATA LABS provides a XML and HTMLservices to address the demands for digital formats and online publishing requirement for multi-device capabilities. Some of the services offered by GSS DATA LABS are

  • Conversion of XML based on publisher’s DTD from PDF, Word, Quark, Indesign
  • Conversion from XML (any DTD) to XML (Publisher Specific DTD)
  • Typesetting from XML files including auto pagination etc.
  • Conversion of HTML from any input

Artwork/Graphic Design

GSS DATA LABS has experience in illustration and design solution for books, manuals, journals, dictionaries, encyclopedias etc. Our Artwork / Graphic Desing service includes

  • Re-drawing
  • High-end color scanning
  • Cover design (wrappers and book jackets)

eBook Conversion

eBook conversion is the next evolution in digital publishing. eBooks have revolutionized the publishing industry and has changed the way we read, purchase books, and manage them. eBooks need to be designed and developed with format limitations and device specifications in mind. GSS DATA LABS Services provides a complete range of eBook-related services such as eBook conversions, eBook enhancements. We have expertise in creating eBooks with content conversion and delivery mechanisms for various platforms such as iPad, Kindle, Nook and Kobo devices.

  • epub2 reflowable and fixed layour
  • epub3 reflowable and fixed layour
  • Mobi conversion

OCR Process

Converting image PDF into searchable PDF cleaning the input as per the requirement.