DotNet Accelerators and Frameworks

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Tool Name

  • Development .NET Frameworks.
  • Development – Tools, Code Generation – SQL Server.
  • Environment Tools – Code Compliance.
  • Environment - IDE.


  • ASP.NET, MVC3/4, Azure templates, Packaged Features Starter Kit, Reference Implementation Table Drill Down.
  • Generates Stored Procedures scripts for CRUD Operations, Generates Data Access Classes for all the tables.
  • Leverages DevPartner and verifies against ~ 650 rules.
  • Reusable Code Snippets (~450 Microsoft Snippets), Ability to share PTG specific code snippets Auto comment Code Refactoring for Globalization.


  • Improves Developer Productivity, Code Quality and Time to Market.
  • Improves Developer Productivity Improves Code Quality Improves Time to Market Promotes Industrialized Environment for Software Development.
  • Reduces the Review Effort.
  • Improves Developer Productivity, Consistent Programming Practice.


  • 10% in the Coding and Unit Testing(CUT) effort.
  • 8-10% in the Codingand Unit Testing(CUT) effort.
  • 50% saving on the review effort.
  • 5-6% in the Coding.